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aus_book_trade's Journal

Book-Trading In Australia
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Trading books within Australia
This community is for Australians to trade books, give advice on where to find books, and whatnot. We have so much trouble finding books that are out of print, etc., and then have to pay for postage! Overseas postage is very expensive, so if you live in Australia, this is the place to connect to other readers, and trade books within our own country (and cut down on postage costs, while we're at it)!

If you're looking for an overseas book trading community (if you are not in Australia, or if you are looking for something from outside Australia) please check out our Sister Community, trading_fiction, for book trading internationally.

The Rules & Requests:
1. Please do not snark; please be friendly here!

2. Selling and trading is allowed here! LJ-cuts for long lists of books (more than, say, 5 books at a time) are appreciated, though...

3. Please introduce yourself, tell us a bit about your reading habits, and what sorts of books you're looking for. Oh, and where in Australia you're from, of course! Also (and it should go without saying, but), please be nice and friendly here!

4. Once you've swapped/bought/sold here, please leave (positive) feedback on the Positive Feedback Page :)

Will enter more details soon... Watch this space!

Started/written by editornia, Thursday 30th August, 2007.
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