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I am located in Melbourne and am looking to buy or trade for these Baby-Sitters Club books.

BSC 89: Kristy and the Dirty Diapers
BSC 92: Mallory's Christmas Wish 
BSC 96: Abby's Lucky Thirteen 
BSC 100: Kristy's Worst Idea 
BSC 101: Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout         
BSC 103: Happy Holidays, Jessi 

BSC 106: Claudia, Queen of The Seventh Grade 
BSC 109: Mary Anne To The Rescue 
BSC 110: Abby the Bad Sport 
BSC 112: Kristy and the Sister War 
BSC 119: Stacey's Ex-Boyfriend 
BSC 120: Mary Anne and the Playground Fight 
BSC 124: Stacey McGill…Matchmaker? 
BSC 127: Abby's Un-Valentine 

BSC Mystery 10: Stacey and the Mystery Money 
BSC Mystery 15: Kristy and the Vampires
BSC Mystery 17: Dawn and the Halloween Mystery 
BSC Mystery 18: Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House 
BSC Mystery 22: Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade 
BSC Mystery 23: Abby and the Secret Society 
BSC Mystery 24: Mary Anne and the Silent Witness
BSC Mystery 25 Kristy and the Middle School Vandal 
BSC Mystery 26: Dawn Schafer, Undercover Baby-sitter 
BSC Mystery 27: Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost 
BSC Mystery 28: Abby and the Mystery Baby 
BSC Mystery 29: Stacey and the Fashion Victim 
BSC Mystery 30: Kristy and the Mystery Train 
BSC Mystery 31: Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret 
BSC Mystery 33: Stacey and the Stolen Hearts 
BSC Mystery 34: Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore 
BSC Mystery 35: Abby and the Notorious Neighbor 

BSC Super Mystery 1: Baby-sitters' Haunted House
BSC Super Mystery 3: Baby-sitters' Fright Night

Claudia’s Book

Stacey’s Book

Abby’s Book

I have for trade: Most books under #100 and most Super Specials under #10 and many others. Please contact me if you would like to view a more specific list. I will be uploading these to ebay soon though so it is best that you contact me asap.

Hi everyone :)

I was out at the Book Fair last weekend and I came across a copy of The Fox Cub Bold

I was wondering if anyone has the rest of the series in these (similar, obviously) covers as I would ADORE to have the set once again... I haven't read the books since I was very small.

If anyone has the Farthing Wood books in these covers, I will pay postage for them :)



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Hey guys!

Since I've ALMOST finished the BSC collection, I decided to set myself another challenge.

The REPLICA series by Marilyn Kaye.

Does anyone have ANY of these books that they're looking to get rid of? If so, I will GLADLY take them off your hands <3

The series consists of 24 books, and a trilogy at the end...
01. Amy, Number 7
02. Pursuing Amy
03. Another Amy
04. Perfect Girls
05. Secret Clique
06. And The Two Shall Meet
07. The Best of the Best
08. Mystery Mother
09. The Fever
10. Ice Cold
11. Lucky Thirteen
12. In Search of Andy
13. The Substitute
14. The Beginning
15. Transformation
16. Happy Birthday, Dear Amy
17. Missing Pieces
18. Return of the Perfect Girls
19. Dreamcrusher
20. Like Father, Like Son
21. Virtual Amy
22. All About Andy
23. War of the Clones
24. Amy, On Her Own


The Plague Trilogy:

* 1. Rewind
* 2. Play
* 3. Fast Forward

Let me know if you can help out!
BSC... well, we're just asking for trouble... lol. Old covers would be preferred, but if not available I will gladly take new covers.

What I need out of the BSC series...

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If Anyone has any of the above that they would like to get rid of, I'd be more than happy to take them off your hands :) Thank you!
Is anyone interested in BSC Friends Forever books? I've got 1-3, 5-9 and Everything Changes.
Hi all.

I'm trying to rebuild my BSC collection that I grew out of about 10 years ago. Since finishing off my Sweet Valley collection a few years ago I've felt lost without being able to collect another book series so here I am!

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Thanks :)
Since my list is getting down a bit, figured it was worth another try. I have a few Sweet Valley, Baby Sitters Little Sister and some adult fiction to trade, (ask me if you'd like the list as I don't have it on me right now) but I'm also happy to buy them so long as you let me know what condition the books are in.

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Hey guys... just thought I'd let you know, I've just gotten my hands on a pile of Animorphs books from LifeLine bookstore. If anyone wants to trade me for what is on THE LIST... just give me a holler! The ones I got are under the cut!

Animorphs To TradeCollapse )
Hi Everyone,

I'm Emily from Sydney. I have a ridiculously huge amount of Sweet Valley doubles left over from completing my collection. Full list here - http://myfavouritescar.livejournal.com/25584.html#cutid1

If the book you want isn't listed ask anyway, I have a few I haven't added to the list yet. I also have a few Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Patricia Cornwell and Marian Keyes to trade as well. I also have a ton of Little Sister books, which I haven't decided whether or not to keep. Tell me what you're after and I'll check and let you know :)

I'm interested in trading for any BSC books regular series #50 and over plus others - I had them all and gave them away :( Or any random adult fiction books.
Hey guys,

Just thought I'd put up what books I have to trade up here... see if anyone wants to trade me for some BSC books (my list of what I need is here) :) They're under the cut.

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