Hey guys!

Since I've ALMOST finished the BSC collection, I decided to set myself another challenge.

The REPLICA series by Marilyn Kaye.

Does anyone have ANY of these books that they're looking to get rid of? If so, I will GLADLY take them off your hands <3

The series consists of 24 books, and a trilogy at the end...
01. Amy, Number 7
02. Pursuing Amy
03. Another Amy
04. Perfect Girls
05. Secret Clique
06. And The Two Shall Meet
07. The Best of the Best
08. Mystery Mother
09. The Fever
10. Ice Cold
11. Lucky Thirteen
12. In Search of Andy
13. The Substitute
14. The Beginning
15. Transformation
16. Happy Birthday, Dear Amy
17. Missing Pieces
18. Return of the Perfect Girls
19. Dreamcrusher
20. Like Father, Like Son
21. Virtual Amy
22. All About Andy
23. War of the Clones
24. Amy, On Her Own


The Plague Trilogy:

* 1. Rewind
* 2. Play
* 3. Fast Forward

Let me know if you can help out!