I am located in Melbourne and am looking to buy or trade for these Baby-Sitters Club books.

BSC 89: Kristy and the Dirty Diapers
BSC 92: Mallory's Christmas Wish 
BSC 96: Abby's Lucky Thirteen 
BSC 100: Kristy's Worst Idea 
BSC 101: Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout         
BSC 103: Happy Holidays, Jessi 

BSC 106: Claudia, Queen of The Seventh Grade 
BSC 109: Mary Anne To The Rescue 
BSC 110: Abby the Bad Sport 
BSC 112: Kristy and the Sister War 
BSC 119: Stacey's Ex-Boyfriend 
BSC 120: Mary Anne and the Playground Fight 
BSC 124: Stacey McGill…Matchmaker? 
BSC 127: Abby's Un-Valentine 

BSC Mystery 10: Stacey and the Mystery Money 
BSC Mystery 15: Kristy and the Vampires
BSC Mystery 17: Dawn and the Halloween Mystery 
BSC Mystery 18: Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House 
BSC Mystery 22: Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade 
BSC Mystery 23: Abby and the Secret Society 
BSC Mystery 24: Mary Anne and the Silent Witness
BSC Mystery 25 Kristy and the Middle School Vandal 
BSC Mystery 26: Dawn Schafer, Undercover Baby-sitter 
BSC Mystery 27: Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost 
BSC Mystery 28: Abby and the Mystery Baby 
BSC Mystery 29: Stacey and the Fashion Victim 
BSC Mystery 30: Kristy and the Mystery Train 
BSC Mystery 31: Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret 
BSC Mystery 33: Stacey and the Stolen Hearts 
BSC Mystery 34: Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore 
BSC Mystery 35: Abby and the Notorious Neighbor 

BSC Super Mystery 1: Baby-sitters' Haunted House
BSC Super Mystery 3: Baby-sitters' Fright Night

Claudia’s Book

Stacey’s Book

Abby’s Book

I have for trade: Most books under #100 and most Super Specials under #10 and many others. Please contact me if you would like to view a more specific list. I will be uploading these to ebay soon though so it is best that you contact me asap.