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I'm specifically looking for the entire Song of the Lioness Quartet with the following covers. I'm willing to trade and buy. PayPal only.

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If anyone is willing to part with any of their beloved BSC or Pen Pals books, I'd be more than happy to either trade them for something in my collection or pay postage or whatever...

A list is under the cut, because, let's face it... it's long!

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If Anyone has any of the above that they would like to get rid of, I'd be more than happy to take them off your hands :) Thank you!
Hey guys! Got a few books to trade and would like to do it within Aus as we're always left out of bloody everything ;-)

All books are in very good or excellent condition unless otherwise stated.

Now I need too many books worth mentioning here - I'm missing a lot of the BSC mysteries, and my regular series has a few gaps in it. My Nancy collection is more complete but let me know what books you have to trade if you're interested in getting rid of some of yours.
I am happy to swap a BSC book for a Nancy book or vice versa - also happy to combine BSC and Nancy and shuttle them off to one person :) I really just want to get rid of these though, they're sitting around taking up room because I don't want to put them on my shelf with their doubles!

If possible any hardcovers I have I'd like to swap for two paperbacks ;) I hate hardcovers and would rather avoid them as most of my books are paperback. You guys might be the same way and I might be DOOMED to have the three hardcover books in my collection FOREVER. ;D

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So yeah! If you want any of these let me know which ones you can trade for :)


 Is anyone interested in BSC videos?

I have in really good condition with cardboard covers:
#1 Mary-Anne and the Brunettes
#2 Dawn and the Haunted House
#3 Stacey's Big Break
#4 Kristy and the Great Campaign x 2
#5 The Baby-sitters Special Christmas

Without cardboard covers ie. just the video:
#1 Mary-Anne and the Brunettes
#2 Dawn and the Haunted House

Ex-rental, plastic cover:
Volume 6 Mary-Anne and the Brunettes

I'd love to keep these but my VCR just died and I'm not buying a new one. Let me know if you're interested.

(Note- If this is an inappropriate place to ask this question, let me know and I'll get rid of it)

Hi everyone! I was curious about how much it costs to send the average BSC book (or two) to and from America? Has anyone here done that, and if so, was it a big hassle? The ladies at my local post office are less than friendly so I wouldn't like to give them any justifiable reason to hate me :) Thanks!
Did anyone ever read the Hope Hospital series? I've somehow managed to lose the first book in the series. Does anyone have one for trade/sale? I've got tons of Sweet Valley books listed over at my journal for sale/trade.

Also, is anyone here doing their HSC this year? I've got a ton of related books that I still haven't got around to selling.

Hey everyone,

Here are a few books I’ve got doubles of and would like to trade (trades only please). I have a tendency to be slightly anal about  these things so I probably go a little overboard in accurately describing any and all faults  :-) Feel free to ask for pics or any questions you may have about their condition.

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Excel HSC English Study Guide: "Frontline" (orig $12.95): $10
Excel HSC English Study Guide: "Gwen Hardwood" (orig $12.95): $10
Rare Ancient History book "Journey to the Afterlife / Egyptian Antiquities from the Louvre": $20

Jane Austen: "Pride & Prejudice" $10
Meg Cabot et al: "Girls Night In" (short stories) $7

All in new and excellent condition! Ask for postage prices.
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Hey guys, in addition to the books still available here, I have recently acquired a copy of BSC #105 - Stacey the Math Whiz that's in really good condition (there's a little nick in the cover that's it) and wanted to offer it up here before I check with the OS crowd (or the eBay crowd:))

A list of BSC books I need is here and Sweet Valley High & University here. I'm happy to swap for any of these or sell it for $2 + postage. Drop a comment here with your email address if you're interested.
 Hey guys

I went through my Sweet Valley and Baby Sitters doubles of my all books on the weekend and thought I'd post them up here for you guys if you're interested.
Lisa's SV and BSC doublesCollapse )

If you have anything either late BSC/Little Sister/any other Ann M Martin/Enid Blyton's Secret Seven/Full House books I'd love to trade, but if not as long as you're willing to pay for postage I'm happy to give the books away.

Oh, if anyone has anything by Maureen Stewart I'll gladly pay you for it. I remember liking a couple of her books years ago and I can't even find any of her stuff on ebay.